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    Dear my customers,

    Hello and welcom to Vietnam. Are you looking for a lawyer who will give you Vietnamese legal advice? You are in trouble and do not understand Vietnamese law. Are you having trouble finding someone for legal help? With my knowledge and experience, I believe that I am the best choice for you. You can call me Tien – and I’m also a friendly lawyer.

    1. How to contact me

    (Please check the service fee first)

    • For whom refers to phone call: please contact us via hotline +84 333 848 350 (phone call, whatsapp, viber, zalo)
    • For whom refers to email: please email to
    • For whom refers to meet our lawyers at TB Law’s office: Visit me at 182, Cong Hoa street, Ward 12, Tan Binh distric, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (Click here to get the map)
    • For whom refers to meet me at my office: please contact to us via phone number or email to us for arrangement.

    2. My service scope

    2.1 Consulting services

    Consulting on legal issues you are wondering about. Online consultation (or in-person consultation), then you will receive a nice consultation letter.

    2.2 Private lawyer services

    Used for companies or individuals who need regular consulting.

    2.3 Representative services

    Represent (or accompany the customer) to complete procedures at a competent state agency (Only in Ho Chi Minh City).

    2.4 Dispute and litigation lawyer services.

    Participate in litigation at Court in cases related to: civil law, inheritance law, land law, commercial contract disputes, property division disputes, inheritance division disputes…

    3. My consulting scope

    3.1 Basic civil law

    Civil contracts and transactions, civil disputes in life, non-contractual compensation, inheritance, open a bank account, traffic accidents, non-contractual compensation…

    3.2 Basic business law

    – Business registration, business branch registration, representative office registration;

    – Change business information: change legal representative, change headquarters, increase or decrease charter capital;

    – Taxes, cccounting, invoices;

    – Economic contracts

    3.3 Labor law

    Labor contract, wages, insurance issues, labor accidents,…

    3.4 Marriage and family law

    Divorce, child custody disputes, child support obligations, asset division, debt division…

    3.5 Criminal law

    Crimes according to the Vietnam Penal Code, aggravation and mitigation of penalties, extradition,…

    4. Attorney service fees

    Tasks and Fees (VND)

    Chi tiết công việc

    1. Online consultation: 1,000,000 per case.

    (Applies to both individuals and businesses)

    Consulting via online channels: phone, viber, messenger, zalo… Receive information and advice directly. Then I will send you a consultation letter about your case.
    2. Direct consultation at the office: 2,000,000 per case. Make an appointment with me. I will meet you at the office, discuss and after the meeting, will send you a consultation document via email.
    3. Checking and drafting contracts (under 10 pages): 5,000,000 per contract. Vietnamese – English Bilingual Contract.

    Surcharge 500,000/1 page from page 11.

    4. Establishing an Enterprise, Branch, Representative Office, changing business registration content: 10,000,000 per job. Customers must prepare all necessary documents and records. If you do not know what documents you will need to prepare, you should register for consulting service number 1 or 2 first.
    5. Drafting any legal documents: 5,000,000 – 10,000,000/1 set of documents. Customers must prepare all necessary documents and records. If you do not know what documents you will need to prepare, you should register for consulting service number 1 or 2 first.
    6. Representing single legal cases: 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 per case. Customers need to prepare complete documents. Representative service is only carried out in Ho Chi Minh City.
    7. Litigation lawyer: Report costs according to the complexity of the case.
    8. Accounting services, C&B services See this link.

    Thank you for reading this entire article, thank you for your trust.
    I look forward to working with you and assisting you in solving your problems.


    Best regards,


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